Friday, 13 February 2015

Impress your Valentine with some skate-love!

As we approach the cheesiest day of the year, It's always good to keep a couple valentines ideas in the back pocket to impress that special someone.
The real trick is that gushy romantic lovey sentiments don't tend to mix well with the world many skaters live in. So, to help you out, our Skatelife creative department has a couple ideas for you to pass along to your honey. Enjoy!

The classic Love Heart- skate style
You'll have a tough time finding this message in your valentines candy- but who can say no to this Valentines message!
Skate Deck Heart
If you are willing to sacrifice a skate sesh for your sweetie, you might as well cut your board in half, and make this heart for her.
You could write something romantic on it, like, "look what you made me do", or "can you buy me a new deck for valentines".
If you don't wanna make one yourself, buy one off Esty from this guy.
Go Skate Love Park
Nothing is more romantic than a trip to Philly where your special someone can watch you skate in front of the iconic Love Park sculpture. For that extra touch you could dedicate the tricks you try, "this one is for you babe!"
The Classic Valentines Card
Probably your most sure bet. No valentine can resist showing that you are willing to go full- fromage with a poorly illustrated skateboard and a terrible caption. She will sense your vulnerability and love you for it!

Best of luck everyone.

Happy Valentines Day!

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Skate Mission Cape Breton

Skatelife reaching out in Glace Bay
Enjoying some new DIY terrain in town!
Skatelife recently returned from Glace Bay Nova Scotia for its second Skate Mission and service trip. Glace Bay is a community of 20 000 people on Cape Breton Island. Since the mines closed down over fifteen years ago Glace Bay's unemployment rate has reached 40% of its residents. Local residents estimate that more than half of the towns men are alcoholics. Every young person in this community has lost friends or family to substance abuse. Until recently the only youth program in the town was ice hockey, reaching only some of the kids for a portion of the year.

Skatelife drove from Toronto to Glace Bay to serve the local Youth Centre at Light House church, pastored by David Sawler. Fifteen years ago David Sawler and his wife moved into the area with a dream of changing the culture of Glace Bay. Together they opened Light House Church and Undercurrent Youth Centre. Undercurrent Youth Centre operates programs for youth seven days a week. The programs include dance and art classes, sport activities, and skateboarding. David's hope is that young people would see a positive alternative to drugs and alcohol.

We spent the week opening up the indoor skatepark at Undercurrent, building spots for the local skaters, cleaning the skatepark, putting on a contest, fixing ramps, and doing some small construction jobs around the church.

Kids in Glace Bay were so excited have us join them for the week. One little guy in grade five had "Skatelife" written on his board in anticipation of our arrival. This same little guy said one day after skating with us "This is the happiest I have ever been!".

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Happy Go Skateboarding Day!

Ollie representing at Go Skate Day Vancouver
If you are reading this I hope you are either on your way out to skate, or on your way back from a good skate session.

June 21 is international Go Skateboarding Day, and Skatelife is in the mix in cities across the country.

Go find a Skatelife leader & have a good skate!

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Skate Mission documentary

This spring we completed a documentary of Skatelife's international work reaching out to skaters. The film features two trips Skatelife took this spring to Mazatlan, Mexico, and to New Jersey/ NYC. The trips provide a lens through which you can see how we work together with other skate ministries to reach kids in Canada & beyond. 
Many thanks to Evan Bourque from Wilhelm Films for putting the film together for us.

Take a half hour & check it out! Skatelife's Skate Missions

Saturday, 21 April 2012


Skatelife's best summer camp ever is back on both sides of the country!
ROADRAGE West is August 1-7 in BC's beautiful Okanagan Valley.
ROADRAGE East is Aug 21-26 traveling from Toronto to Montreal.
This summer's camp is a DIY film festival for teams attending. Each team has a week to film a five minute video with everyone from their team in it. May the best team win!
Need more info? Talk to your local Skatelife leader, or email See you this summer!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

New T's!

Ba-boom! New Skatelife T's are out of the box. Get 'em now! For a meager $15 you can get a great shirt, AND help support a great cause.
Colours include White on black, black on charcoal, and black on athletic gray.
Want one? Email, or leave a note on the FB Skatelife page.
Props to 309 for the shirt design.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

SL bro-down at YL may leader conference

if you are a SL leader, or wanna be one, or want to know more about our work with skaters, or wanna have a good time with some rad people, or something else, then join us at Rockridge Canyon from May 20-23. Good times coming. See you there!

Monday, 9 May 2011

Step Up

last weekend Skatelife & the Edge partied with the FIRST EVER Step Up grad class. Five guys from across western Canada moved to Winnipeg MB for 8 months to study, serve the skate scene, and to learn about community. Our 5 grads are Johnny Long, Josh Misch, Darrick Fast, Larsson Loseth, & Eles Thiessen.
Check out an edit of the Step Up crew skating.
The Step Up is a chance for young men to grow in their faith in Jesus as they live & serve in the middle of the skate scene. Interested? Check out the Step Up.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

All your skatelifes are belong to us...

Not much better way to start a Skatelife blog... This gem from Skate Camps past pretty much says it all. Dave Houseman & Jay Delaney are considering taking this message to heart.
We hope you will get more rad as you follow us through the upcoming adventures of Skatelife